21 thoughts on “Registration

      1. Registration link does not work and you have the wrong date here on the page. Looking forward to being able to register!


      2. I apologize, this years race date is Sunday, Sept. 1st. The web site is up and running and the registration link is correct. Thank you for
        pointing out this error to me.

        Clint Joslyn


    1. We have a 3.5 hour time limit on support. After the 3.5 hour mark we will pick up water stations and begin picking up finish area. If you take longer than that you will be on your own and we cannot guarantee support on the course or timing. We hope to see you there.


    1. Yes, you actually park at the school which is also the registration and finish area. The start in 3/4 of a mile away. Good for a warm up run or walk. Every one loves the venue. Hope to see you there.

      Thank you,
      Clint Joslyn
      MRHS Cross Country Coach
      Race Director


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